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Contact me…

If you have contacted me but haven’t heard a reply I apologise as the contact form hasn’t been sending me details since the start of January due to a change at my web host.  This is now working again so you should be able to get a hold of me.

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British Gas energy monitor – battery issues/resync

The British Gas energy monitor (more info here) is a wonderful little gadget even if you can become obsessed with it (yup we’ve all been there monitoring energy usage like a hawk when we first had it – nope you can’t deny it!).  That time will come after about a year when you won’t have […]

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Missing performance counters for WMI Solarwinds

Using Solarwinds Orion to monitor Active Directory or Exchange services can sometimes throw a wobbly when it comes to the 64 bit counters for WMI.  Upon running the query in wbemtest usually results in an error.  To repair the error run the following from a command prompt : winmgmt /clearadap winmgmt /kill winmgmt /unregserver winmgmt […]

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