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British Gas energy monitor – battery issues/resync

The British Gas energy monitor (more info here) is a wonderful little gadget even if you can become obsessed with it (yup we’ve all been there monitoring energy usage like a hawk when we first had it – nope you can’t deny it!).  That time will come after about a year when you won’t have […]

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Tenda N-150R (W311R+) cable router and iPad / iPhone

Another slightly odd one that plagued me this weekend involved a router and an iPad. The Tenda N-150R cable router has been around for some time, and has been, in all fairness, a rock solid cheap router with a good stable wifi connection.  Up until now I’ve never seen a problem with it, but mix […]

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Logitech Harmony remotes

Remote controls. Exciting stuff eh? No come back it’s not that dull. Honest! With the amount of hardware these days whether it’s televisions, cable boxes, AV amps, sound systems, DVD/Bluray players, media centres, games consoles or even wall sockets chances are most of us have at least 2 remote controls sitting by the side of […]

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