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Logitech Harmony 525

Remote controls. Exciting stuff eh? No come back it’s not that dull. Honest!

With the amount of hardware these days whether it’s televisions, cable boxes, AV amps, sound systems, DVD/Bluray players, media centres, games consoles or even wall sockets chances are most of us have at least 2 remote controls sitting by the side of our arm chairs. We’ve all heard of the “all-in-one” remote, that £20 bargain that you picked up in an electronics store that promised you to bundle all the remote’s into one easy to use product. From personal experience they are a complete pain to get working properly with umpteen random 4-8 digit codes, you tend to spend most of your time juggling from device to device to change channel, turn the volume up and then have to go through each device to turn them off at the end of the night…blah blah blah.

I can gladly say that I may have found a solution that may help (especially for those of us that have friends or family that get confused with technology). Logitech have designed a range of “all-in-one” remote controllers that actually do what they are supposed to.  Scary stuff!

The good stuff

Logitech activities

The remotes are completely programmable, via a web based interface, to the point that the 4 buttons surrounding the screen itself can be set to perform activities.  What do I mean?  Well imagine you wanted to play your Xbox, you wanted sound through your AV amp and the TV needed to be on HDMI input 3, not to mention turn every piece of kit on.  In most cases you’d have to do all these tasks via various remotes/buttons to get the Xbox to switch on how you want it to.  You can program the remote to do all this with the press of a button.  You have a time delay with the TV coming on? No problem, you can delay the next command.  As I use an AV amp to control the volume of Sky TV and everything else I have connected I have set the volume buttons to control the amp yet the channel up and down controls Sky itself.  Simples!

Connecting up kit is easy from a database of 7000 manufactures and 250,000 devices you simply choose the make and model and add it to your personal database.  If your piece of kit isn’t in the database for whatever reason then you can simply “learn” the IR command from the original remote and carry on your merry way.  Oh and I forgot to mention if things go wrong and a piece of kit doesn’t turn on or set itself up correctly, then you

Not to sound like I’m affiliated in any way with Logitech (although Mr Logitech, if you are reading this I wouldn’t mind one of your fancy new touch-screen ones *wink wink*), these really are great pieces of kit which, quite literally, make life easier in every way with keeping your modern technology in control.  Its usable by everyone, straight forward to configure and for me is definitely worth the £40 spent.

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2 Responses to “Logitech Harmony remotes”

  1. Marc September 3, 2011 at 6:24 pm #

    2 remote controls by my armchair… Yes… Just 2. *shoves the other 74 remote controls down the side of the sofa*

    This does look pretty sweet for £40. Thanks Matt!

    • Matt September 4, 2011 at 3:32 pm #

      The remote has worked well for my parents. The fact that one button sets everything for them including channel, volume and the correct input all from a “cold” start is pretty impressive.

      Means its far less for me to have to fix 😉

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