I’m a pretty happy person but there are some things that irritate the shi…<snip!> Onto the article:


People who don’t use indicators

What if there were a way that motor vehicles could show which way they were turning, if they were pulling out or simply pulling over safely to mop that Starbucks chococino from their lap after they sped around the corner and cut you up.  What would work?  Lights, yeah that’s a nice idea.  Maybe bright amber ones on both sides of the car, back and front with an easy to access lever near the steering wheel that depending on which way you hit it made the lights flash to warn fellow drivers.  Yeah amber flashing left or right lights.

OH WAIT! Vehicles DO have them.  They were put there as part of the design of the vehicles as a reason to be safe and courteous toward other drivers.  I’d understand if the difficulty in using them was that they were an optional extra, stuck on with blu-tak and could only be activated by placing your hand into a box of vipers to activate the button but no, they are easily accessible and in most cases as you turn all you need to do is hold your pinkie out and hit the lever up or down.

Stop talking to Mavis next to you, putting on that extra layer of mascara, pull that hoodie out of your eyes and use the bleedin’ things!


Homer's Make up Gun - The tool for applying make up to fake women

Fake women and ‘chavs’

These two, unfortunately, fall hand in hand with one another hence why I’ve bundled them together.  They have always been about but now a days they seem to be more the norm socially, fuelled by TV shite such as ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘the Jeremy Kyle show’.  These are the scum of humanity who think that anti-social behaviour, drink, drugs and talking like they’ve had a stroke is cool.  With the inability to pool enough brain cells together to find the door to the job centre they just cause mayhem whilst we pay for them. Great!

Fake women, well these speak for themselves with the whole how-long-can-my-fake-eyelashes-be whilst someone shoots me with Homer Simpson’s make-up gun set to slut.   The whole ‘paint me orange’ then cake yourself in as much make up as possible then taking on the traits of a chav is not attractive…well maybe to the male alternate of themselves that want to add them as trophies to their blinged up cars.



Lying is one thing, bullshitting is another.  When you are talking about something, don’t make stuff up.  It only makes you sound stupid, especially when the person you are talking to, does actually, know more than you.  No one knows everything, most definitely me, but I know when to say “I don’t know” when something escapes me.  I’d much rather someone ask about how to do something and explain what I know than for them to make up crap to make them sound intelligent.  I’m not going to belittle anyone for learning, hell, its how I learnt, by listening and asking questions when I wanted to know more.


Reality TV

When the whole premise started over a decade ago it was interesting, fresh and we were all looking forward to what was the next instalment.  Now, sheesh, will it ever end? We’ve got X Factor, Dancing on Ice, Britains got Talent, Talentless Celebrities from Britain on Ice Dining with…oh who cares?.  Its trash TV and unfortunately it now appears to be on every channel on a daily basis.  Whatever happened to TV worth watching?  A good drama, comedy, horror or thriller. Please!

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