Tenda N-150R (W311R+) cable router and iPad / iPhone

Another slightly odd one that plagued me this weekend involved a router and an iPad.

The Tenda N-150R cable router has been around for some time, and has been, in all fairness, a rock solid cheap router with a good stable wifi connection.  Up until now I’ve never seen a problem with it, but mix an iPad with the latest firmware, the router and any video or audio streaming app and the router fails miserably.  The iPad tries to stream from any source whether it is BBC iPlayer, ITV, YouTube etc, and the video stream fails a few seconds in.  Internet and mail is completely unaffected and can happily browse till the battery drains.  Okay time for some fault finding…after trying the same thing with my Android phone and a wireless computer I couldn’t recreate the fault, however an iPhone with newest firmware shows the same symptoms.

Short of downgrading the firmware on both the iPad and the iPhone (which in my personal opinion is the most frustrating task ever on a PC using iTunes), the router was the next on my target list.

A reset did nothing, not even turning off all the security on the router fixed the issue so all that was left was the firmware.  After trying all the available firmware from the Tenda site, the only firmware that seems to work is V3.2.5e (16/11/2009) – available here – Download.  The newer firmware V3.3.6u works in a fashion but just caused the stream to fail further on.

If anyone can explain why the Apple devices only seem to show these symptoms with this router I’d be happy to hear.



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  1. Chef October 22, 2014 at 11:21 am #

    Did you manage to figure out why?

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