Terraria XNA fix – Audio

With Terraria’s big update, version 1.1, due to hit tomorrow I planned to get some time getting used to the controls and interface again.  I play it on my netbook mainly, as it runs pretty well and is suited for the small screen.  Unfortunately I was hit with an application error upon starting the game.  Upon rebooting the netbook, the game launched but hung randomly even when creating a new world as well as playing within an existing one (mainly when hitting ESC).

After a lot of investigation, reinstalling .NET, XNA and trawling through logs, the problem pointed to the XNA framework and the audio system.  Audio driver updates did nothing, Direct X reinstallation failed miserably as did hardware acceleration.

The fix?

As I have a headset connected into the line out (as well as the speakers built in to the netbook), it did not like that the speaker config in Windows control panel was set to “laptop speakers”.  Setting it to “headphone stereo” or simply unplugging the headset from the socket got the game working again.  Odd but worked a treat so thought I’d preserve it here in my blog should anyone stumble across this weird one.

UPDATE : The same fix applies to Magicka through Steam as well.


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